Individualized Support

Steadfast Supported Living is a (CRSS) Community Residential Services Provider in the State of Washington for adults with mild to severe intellectual disabilities that enable the clients to lead successful and meaningful lives.

Individualized Support

Steadfast provides hands-on care by highly trained staff members who follow a detailed support plan for each individual client that focuses on growth.

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and needs. We strive to develop a written plan with the needs of the client to always be at the forefront of the specific work related to that individual’s needs in tandem with the social worker, parents, guardian, and most of all the client. Success is determined by the daily steps to help improve the freedom of choice for our clients and is the heartbeat of self-sufficiency. 

In addition, we offer a unique opportunity for the families and clients to work together as a team to make a solid transition from one home to another or a former placement to amplify the importance of self-determination and respect.

Quality Care & Specialized Support

SFSL provides services to our clients that come from institutions, family settings, formerly homeless, or those that are looking for a fresh start to provide to ensure that the specific needs for each individual are met by developing written plans to support, foster & structure the success for each individual’s goals to offer active, healthy and social opportunities as well as counseling, healthcare and community integration.

Supporting clients through and to self-sufficiency & independence for a better quality of life.